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Sherouse-on-Hudson Medical Physics is a Medical Physics service company with headquarters in High Falls, NY.  We provide a variety of contract Medical Physics and computing services to clinical Radiation Oncology departments.  We offer long-term contract coverage of routine clinical operations within our geographic catchment area, as well as on-demand help with special needs such as equipment commissioning pretty much anywhere.

Quality is our watchword.  Radiation Oncology treatment planning and delivery has become dramatically more complex in the last decade, to the extent that many organizations find their regular Medical Physics staff unable to cope when a surge of new equipment or new procedures are introduced.  Faced with a shortfall of time and expertise, “plug and play” (which is synonymous with “hope and pray”)  has become a widely practiced paradigm, to the ultimate detriment of the patient.  We, on the contrary, take the approach that our skeptical vigilance is crucial in assuring proper care for every patient.  We ask the questions that need answers.  If doing things right still matters to you, we are your deep bench.

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Contract Medical Physics services for Radiation Oncology


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