GRATIS™ (a somewhat labored acronym of George's RAdiotherapy Treatment desIgn System) is a portable three-dimensional Treatment Design System for Radiation Oncology which is the product of more than a decade of research and development work by its principal author, George W. Sherouse, Ph.D. and colleagues. It includes the original Virtual Simulator™ as well as a number of other innovations which I have been fortunate enough to develop. I made the decision in 1989 that rather than try to commercialize what was at the time one of the few fully-functional 3D planning systems I would instead make this work available as a public service to the Radiotherapy community. I chose a distribution mechanism that was intended to make the software readily accessible to everyone who might have a use for it. The software is protected by copyright, but several hundred copies have been distributed for a nominal charge with no warranty and no support.

It is no longer possible for me to do the ongoing development work that is required to keep a planning system current. As of May 1, 1999, GRATIS™ will no longer be available. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the people who have supported the GRATIS™ project over the years. I hope that it has been of some value.

George W. Sherouse, Ph.D.

© Copyright 1999 George W. Sherouse. All rights reserved worldwide. GRATIS™ and Virtual Simulator™ are trademarks of Sherouse Systems, Inc.

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